I'm new to database programming, could anyone make an example program for me? I would like a form with some fields to fill in and when done you press an OK button and it stores the data in the database.

Then i want to list one kind of entries in a TListBox or TDBListBox or something, and when you select one of them, I want the rest of the infromation to come up in several TLabels beside it.


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Just look in the \demo\db folder in delphi 3 or 4 directory. You will find all examples you want.

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Hi, Johan
It's very easy to do what you want.
You can find a good sample in:

You can use OnClick event of the TListBox to make changes to Labels.
sagerydAuthor Commented:
OK thanx, I'll check those out! I'll accept/reject your answer tomorrow when I have got it to work.

Thanx again,

sagerydAuthor Commented:
Well I haven't had time to check that demo out but I guess I't will be quite easy to understand when I do, so therefore I'll accept the answer anyway.
sagerydAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for the help!
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