Moving C++ app from Winnt to Windows 95

I have a problem with an application that I developed when I move it from a Winnt computer to a Windows 95 computer.  The application creates a database and saves a variety of data.  On the Windows 95 computer, the database creation fails.  When I install the VC60 dev studio on the Win95 computer, the problem goes away.  I need to know what files to distrubute with the application for a Win95 OS.  Maybe there is some build setting to allow the app to work on a Win95 computer?

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Tommy HuiConnect With a Mentor EngineerCommented:
More than likely, you are using a library that is not part of the regular Windows 95 install. You will need to determine what that library is and provide it as part of your install. To determine what that library is, go to and go to the shareware section. I wrote a program called DLLLook that shows what DLLs your program is using. Once you have the list, make sure those are available on Windows 95.
You need the ADO 2.1 install I think?
SweetLeafAuthor Commented:
Where can I find ADO 2.1?
As you're using VC++, the easiest way to find out what DLL is missing would be using 'dumpbin /imports <your app>' at the command line or the Dependancy walker shipped with VC++..
SweetLeafAuthor Commented:
I used the dlllook.exe to determine which dlls were not loading properly.  As I suspected several of the jet database dlls were not loading.  I ran mdac_typ.exe to load the ado 2.1.  I also had to upgrade the system with crystal reports 6.0 dlls.

Thanks for your help
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