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Is there a way to setup Groupwise so that when a user clicks on a web like with a "mailto" that it will open a "new" email using my Groupwise 5.2 email?
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ihannamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For Netscape Navogator

How can Netscape be configured to bring up GroupWise 5.x instead of it's own mail program?
Answer: This feature is not setup nor configured by Novell's GroupWise 5.x products. It can be configured by following Netscapes Article #971223-1 found in their knowledge base on the web. The MAPI standard makes this possible.

Stand-alone Navigator 4.03 and 4.04 ship with a navmapi32.dll. This DLL allows use of mapi compliant 3rd party mail (ie, Exchange, Eudora). The navmapi32.dll is located in c:\program files\netscape\program directory.

To enable third-party client functionality for the MAPI client, you must configure the Netscape Navigator preferences file, prefs.js, which is in the c:\program files\netscape\users\username directory.

In this file, you set two preferences. The first sets the intention to use third-party mail to true; the second names the third-party mail DLL to use. Follow these steps:

1. Open the prefs.js file in a text editor. Set the mail.use_altmail preference to true to establish third-party mail handling.

user_pref("mail.use_altmail", true);

2. Set the mail.altmail_dll preference to the name of your DLL.

user_pref("mail.altmail_dll", "navmapi32.dll");

The NAVMAPI32.DLL is provided by Netscape and would have to be obtained from Netscape or some other source found on the internet.

Do not ask me where the NAVMAPI32.DLL can be found.  Earlier in this response is a reference to V4.04 and V4.03.

For Internet Explorer the Solution is courtesy of Novell/coolsolutions with this reponse:

Anders T., Sweden, wrote: Normally when I click on a MailTo link in my browser, the default browser mail program starts. Can I get GroupWise to start instead?

We've had a lot of requests for this, Anders. And frankly, it makes a lot of sense to us. You get kind of spoiled when you're used to using GroupWise and you hate to settle for something less when sending mail from your browser. So once again, Rich Hume has pulled a C3PO out of his hat that will do the trick nicely. Just one little thing: it only works for Internet Explorer users. If you are using Netscape as your Web browser, we don't have a solution for you.

This utility patches the registry to map the mailto protocol to GroupWise. It also enables the New Message option on Internet Explorer's toolbar to work with GroupWise. It's been field tested a bit, but as with all other C3POs, we aren't guaranteeing it'll work for everyone. Give it a try and see how you like it. Download the C3PO now and get the full GroupWise experience from your Internet browser.

I couldn´t do it in 5.2 (maybe some one else can) but 5.5 has pop3 support, so my solution is an uppgrade.
pdeleonAuthor Commented:
If I opt to do the upgrade, is the procedure an easy one to perform? I have not yet seen 5.5. But, I am considering upgrading to GW5.5.
Well, when we took the uppgrade we uppgraded the server also (a new server besides the old one) and whe hired a Master CNE and it took about 20 hrs hard work.
I can´t exactly say how we did but if you will do a simple uppgrade on an existing server i don´t think its a realy big isue.
The big things is relative internet addressing (you don´t nead smtp: or internet: befor an external address), Much improvement in the documenthandling, Pop3 support and a lot more stable system.
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