Create XY Scatter Chart with Two Y axis?

I would like to create a chart of type XY Scatter that has two Y axis. (Not a line on 2 axes). How do I go about doing this in Excel 7.0
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criConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Select the serie(s) you want, then right click, format data series, Axis, check box secondary axis. Formatting the secondary axis is the same as the primary one.

If you need more, please ask back before rejecting or hitting me with a low grade.

It is very simple: Prepare your worksheet and then click on the ChartWizard.
Choose XY scatter type and go to step 2.
in step 2 move to the Series Tab, in which you can define any number of series to put on the graph, for each one you can set the title, X values, and Y values.

If you mean anything else, please describe in more details.

khaledcAuthor Commented:
I am not asking how to do XY Scatter with more than one Y series, I need a XY Scatter with Two Y axis (on each side of the Chart).
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