A TreeView component with special request! Can you help me?

Need A TreeView component like The Bat!'s mailbox .

Left side is a tree
right side is a list to describe the left
Best with source!
Of course if there is a easy way,that's great too.
Thanks a lot!
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LischkeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No problem, I give you this comment as answer and you can accept it (and grade it).

Ciao, Mike
what you want to have in left side , and what in right ?
KeronAuthor Commented:
left is a treeview
just as The bat show the mailbox name
right to show how many letters in the mailbox

Another word,is a treeview with columns;

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Too little info.
Is the BAT batman. if so which movie.  
First Prize would be a sample of what you need.

KeronAuthor Commented:
In Delphi4.0
selected the menu
 and then
  ->Project Manager
then you will see a dialog
Then this treeview compenont is what i want!
left is tree ,right is the describe text

KeronAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 50
A treeview with columns has been requested many times and there are quite a few components out there which can do this. Unfortunately, none of them comes with source, but at least one is freeware. Look at www.delphipages.com (tree/list section). There's a component called ssTreeView (Delphi 4 only) and also a screen shot of the control. See if this fits your needs...

Ciao, Mike
KeronAuthor Commented:
The Vcl which Lischke had suggested is fairly good!!
but How can i Add points to you,lischke??

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