Slackware's Annoying Messages

Greetings! I've got Slackware 4.0 and I would like to know how to turn off those messages that clog my screen everytime I log-in. Man, this looks like those Windoze "Tip of the day" kind of crap...


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Wouter WolkersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What messages are you referring to??

usually when logging in, /etc/motd will be displayed, and if you have fortune installed, then that will display a random message every time you log in.

One other option would be to put clrscr in your .profile in your homedirectory.

Good luck.
EatEmAndSmileAuthor Commented:
I get random messages... What is this fortune thing? How can I disable it?
Wouter WolkersCommented:
Fortune is a program which will display a random 'quote of the day' when you log in.
just remove the fortune package from your slackware setup, or check your .profile or /etc/profile. fortune should be in one of those.

Good luck.
EatEmAndSmileAuthor Commented:
Thanks! I didn't know about the '/etc/profile' file... It must be a generic profile that applies to all users, right? Well, my problem is solved and here are your points.

 Thanks again!
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