to Stuart Johnson

HI ya
this is for your help on question

your example nearly worked so have some points :-)
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Stuart_JohnsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hahaha.  Thanks mate.  Nearly worked <G>  What didnt it do?

intheAuthor Commented:
it only put the last piece of text into the edit ,i needed all 3 pieces into 3 seperate edits...
nevermind is all working fine now.
have you tried to see your previously asked questions/answers?they are not there?mine are ok and so seem everyone elses but yours werent visible ,i was just checking after darin had changed the settings or whatever it was he was doing with the messed up points problem.
cheers Barry
Mmm.  I thought I had that working.  Sorry about that.  I was sure it would have worked :(

I have exactly the same problem - points are all stuffed up and I have no history that I can view.  Their servers seem to be getting  worse and worse.  My notifications are dropping down to maybe once every 15 minutes (or even more), and then I get bombarded with EE messages.   Every now and then I get server errors.  Because Gabe and I use EE from work, quite often we'll get logged in as GabeInOz or Stuart Johnson even when we log in under our correct name (we disabled the proxy to make sure it wasnt a problem with old caching and it wasnt).

Oh well.  I suppose you get that with something this big.

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