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K56Flex is slow!!!!

I have a K56Flex modem, but I think it's running too slow. I have a program called ISpeed where you can adjust the variables for comunications (TTL, RWIN, MTU etc.). I've tried different adjustments but I'm not satisfied. Any suggestions how to do it???? I run my computer as a Network server computer and not as a stationary computer as my support for my CD-RW told me to do so to get a better datatransfering between my HD and CD-RW. Is it possible that this is the issue here?
1 Solution
Generally I've found that v.90 performs far better. Is your modem flash upgradeable? (most are).
Also what is too slow? What are the connect and throughput speeds you're achieving?
If you have any extension jack points try disconnecting everything but the modem. Does it make any difference.
Try opening the modem in Hyperterminal after a connection and see if AT&V1 works. It will give basic info including the number of retrains, the maximum and minimum speeds during the connection.
If it's a Lucent modem ATI11 should do the same thing.
If it's a software modem (winmodem) try dropping number of colours in your display to 256.
Do you have an S3 video card and the modem is installed on COM4? Some S3 video appear to the system to be using the address of COM4. If so disable COM2 and install the modem there.
What kind of performance did you achieve with your old modem?
Hope this helps.
Are you using the modem to connect to an ISP,
or is the modem used so that other computers can connect to your "server" ?

Add 'W0' or 'W1' or 'W2' or 'W3' as "extra settings"
to your DUN (Dial Up Networking), and see if the
'CONNECT sssss/xxx/yyy/zzz' message changes.
You should see the "actual" (modem-to-modem) connect-speed.
If it's 28800, or less, rather than 30-something or 40-something thousand, you need to investigate why.

Also, access: http://www.56k.com
and click on "Help for slow connects".
It explains how to do trouble-shooting,
much better than I can.
Hi.. I had a new modem today, a k56flex also.. it's an internal rockwell modem..
I also think it's slow.. and, after 1h of using it, something weird happened.. when I connect.. I get disconected after 2..3 minutes of being connected...  I re connected about 20 times and the same.. then I reinstalled my old 33.6 modem and used it.. and worked perfect..

may the 56k modem be 'broken' or malfunctioning ?
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another thing.. when I connect with the 56k one, it appears as " connected at 33600 bps " using a ISP, and 40000 bps using another..  is that information wrong  and I'm really connected at 56k ?

also, it takes longer to connect than with the other 33.6 modem.

I'm using Win95, do I need MSDUN 1.3 update to use a 56k modem on win 95 ?

I'll drop some points for this.
> it appears as "connected at 33600 bps" using an ISP,

It's possible that this particular ISP does not support
the K56Flex protocol, i.e., just V.90 or just X2 or just V.34 protocols.

So, your modem does a "fall-back" and uses V.34 protocol,
which maxes-out at '33600'.

> and 40000 bps using another..

Any value larger than 33600 is an indication that V.34
protocol is *NOT* being used, i.e., you are using the 56K
protocol, but the "line-quality" isn't good-enough to
get the larger numbers.  I see 46666 and 48000 and 49333
with my US Robotics modem, but never see 50666 or 52000.

> is that information wrong ?


> it takes longer to connect than with the other 33.6 modem.

Correct.  Your modem is testing the "line-quality"
of the wires between your modem and the nearest
telephone-company "switch", in order to set a speed
(40000, or 48000, or 52000 or ....).  This takes time.

Also, the connect at 33600 takes even longer,
since it unsuccessfully(!) tried K56 protocol,
and then had to try V.34 protocol, before deciding
that 33600 was the "best-possible" value.

> Do I need MSDUN 1.3 update to use a 56k modem on win 95 ?

No.  Occasionally, I use my 56K modem under antique 'MS DOS', and it works fine.

thanx.. I see it clearly now..

I checked with the ISP, and they say in their web that they use US robotics 2X technology for 56k connections.

how do I set my modem to use that protocol ? maybe with a init string ?

ps: I'll post a q. after this, so you get some points for this also.

> I have a K56Flex modem,
> my ISP uses US Robotics X2 technology for 56K.

Your modem's version of '56K' is incompatible(!)
with your ISP's version of '56K'.
So, your modem will "fall-back" to V34 protocol,
and a maximum-speed of '33600'.

> How do I set my modem to use that protocol?

You can't -- it's just impossible.

You can switch ISPs, to one which uses K56Flex.

You can upgrade your modem to V.90 protocol,
and wait until your ISP upgrades to V.90 protocol.
(My ISP upgraded from USR X2 to V.90 a long time ago;
your ISP should "get with it", and they should upgrade.)

> I'll post a q. after this ...

Don't bother.  
I've already got more points than I know what to do with. :-)
rutgerAuthor Commented:
Today I tried to connect about 20 times. I get Wrong nr: 691, 718 and 645. And a message that says the computer I tried to call to can't establish a connection. (or something like that!) I got this Init. string at a homepage specially for my modem. Can you help me and explain it:


* = 44000 -> 54000

Should I Re-install Windows 98 so I get the original settings or what?????
my modem's manual says this:

" the modem supports ....
ITU-T V.90 and Rockwell k56Flex
ITU-T v.34, v.32bis, V.32 ....
" bla bla..
isn't there anything like an X2 emulator or something ?

> Can you help me and explain it:
>     +MS=56,1,300,*,1,0,33600
>     * = 44000 -> 54000

It's a modem-specific string, to try to "force" the modem
into connecting at some specific speed (44000 or 54000,
or some values in-between).

> Should I Re-install Windows 98 so I get the original settings or what?????

That's a very-drastic step.  Don't do it, at least "yet".

bryan7 (Sunday, July 18 1999 - 07:17PM PDT)
> my modem's manual says this:
> " the modem supports ....  DATA
>   ITU-T V.90 and Rockwell k56Flex
>   ITU-T v.34, v.32bis, V.32 ....
>  isn't there anything like an X2 emulator or something ?

BRYAN7, it's unclear whether you are trying to help RUTGER,
or whether you are trying to "piggy-back" your questions
on top of RUTGER's question.  If the latter, please "open"
your own question.

Note that K56Flex and X2 were *competing* standards.
Thus, it's very difficult to find a modem which supports
*BOTH* of these standards.  To end this "competition",
to the benefit of consumers, the V.90 protocol was established.
thanx for the information, Otta, I didn't mean to use rutger's points for my q. or anything, as I said I'd offer some points later, for this, I profitted that rutger's question had to see with mine in some way, I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

again, thanx for the info..


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