Dbgrid tital

The DBGRID take the column titals from my database table (access database).
How can I change the column title without changing the name of the fields in thr table?
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mraghuvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
give an alias name for selected fields.

select field1 Field1 from tablename

Field1 is the alias name. This will be shown on the dbgrid.
Right click the grid in your form and click on properties OR
click on the custom item in the properties of the grid.

Then click on the columns tab, there ise a caption property for every column that can be changed to specify the title for the column without affecting the field names.
JustinB is correct but first you have to right click the grid and select 'Retrieve fields' so that you can set your own column titles for the fields.
chagayAuthor Commented:
the answer of USTINB AND JAV are correct and very help for me
chagayAuthor Commented:
the answer of JUSTINB AND JAV are correct and very help for me I don't know how I can give them the 10 point there for I give the point to MRAGHUV .

my e-mail:chagay@surfree.co.il
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