WIN95 splash after upgrade

Good DAy.

I just upgraded WIN95 OSR3 to Win98.  However, the WIN95 splash screen still appears.  The WIN98 shutdown splash does appear though.  I was wondering how I could go about changing this, and where I could get a copy of the screen graphic.  Thank You!
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lufthansa, try the following, it should resolve the problem for you. (Kschang, Win98 no longer uses the Logo.sys file unless it is left in place during an upgrade form Win95)

This occurs when the Microsoft Windows 95 version of the Logo.sys file is located in the root folder of drive C.
To resolve this, use Find, Files and Folders and locate all files named Logo.sys and Logow.sys and rename them to Logo.old and Logow.old respectively. The most prevalent place they will be found is in the root folder, such as in C:\Windows and/or C:\.

Windows 98 no longer requires a Logo.sys file to display the default logo screen when you start your Windows 98-based computer. If a valid Logo.sys file exists in the root of drive C, it is used.


Use SFC to extract LOGO.SYS from the WIN98 CD...
LUFTHANSAAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  I had to leave the logow.sys as is so that the WIN98 shutdown screen remained.
Well as long as your set is all that matters. If you PC is an ATX, you can remove the Logow.sys and Win98 will by-pass it.
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