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Points for PSLH

PSHL, thank you for all the help and the words of wisdom, even though Dennis posted the fix you elaborated on it for me and I appreciate this, so post an answer and I will reward you with 100 points..

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Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Jobber, Thank you for your points in referring to  http://www.experts-exchange.com/jsp/qShow.jsp?ta=win98&qid=10183025


To configure your system to boot Windows 98 and Windows NT in two distinct primary partitions using Partition Magic 4.0 .
As the Partition Magic takes the free space in the harddisk as the new partition and changes the master boot sector of the win98.


1)  Make certain before the re-partition, disabled the virus scanning function of the system - both in the CMOS/BIOS and the other virus scanning software , which incorporated in the win98.
    eg. Remark the virus scanning function line in the autoexec.bat by "REM", and disabled it from the startup of win98.  
    eg. (antivirus protection programs - Norton, Mcafee, pc-cillin), turn off firewall type program (@guard 3.2).    

2)  Clean all internet cache file, *.tmp files.
    Method :
    At control panal, internet options, General Tab, Temporary Internet Files,
    Click into [Delete Files] , it will clear all internet cache files.

    For netscape, go to the assigned cache directory to delete all cached files.

    At the temp place holder (default is C:\windows\temp\*.tmp , if you have specified other route eg. C:\TEMP\*.tmp ), delete all *.tmp files.

3)  Do scandisk /fix.
    Either :
    At Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - ScanDisk, at drive letter,
    checked the box, [x] Automatically fix errors. Click [Start] to perform.

    Or go to the Command mode,
    At C:\ prompt type "scandisk /all /Autofix" without quotation.
    It will clear all *.tmp errors or cross-linked files.

4)  Disable the screen-saver and/or any suspend mode in power management (turn the power scheme "always on" at the control panal-power management properties).

5)  Make the current windows swap file (win386.swp) allocated in a contigious and continuous area in the harddisk.  
    Go to the control panel, system, performance, virtual memory, checked the box for:-
    [x] Let me specify my own virtual memory settings.
        Hard disk:  C:\
        Minimum:   32 mb
        Maximum:  256 mb

    Assuming you have 128mb ram.

6)  Do Defragmentation.
    Thus, the system is now in providing an optimum environment in providing free space to the Partition Magic to allocate a new partition without interferring the file directory of existing win98.

Hope this can be in assistance.      pslh
JobberAuthor Commented:
Thanks again man, I will try this
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Jobber, Thank for your grade A!    Patricia/ pslh
JobberAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the man thing it was just a figure of speech
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Jobber, not a problem! I have accustomed to that. <smile> pslh
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