Convert string to integer problem!

I want nCycle to get the value 24 like szBufCYCLE has. What have I done wrong?

char szBufCYCLE[10];
int nCycle;
GetPrivateProfileString("GENERAL", "CYCLE", "StringNotFound",szBufCYCLE, sizeof(szBufCYCLE)-1, lpszFileName);
MessageBox(szBufCYCLE, "Cycle", MB_OK); //Shows 24
nCycle = (int) szBufCYCLE;
char T[10];
MessageBox(itoa(nCycle, T, 10), "n", MB_OK);
//Shows 1324975 (something that is not 24)

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bluemaskConnect With a Mentor Commented:

nCycle = atoi(szBufCYCLE);
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