Windows 98 freezes when disconnected from the net

Ihave installed a brand new modem PCMCIA card from Simple Technology Communicator Value 56k flex, V90. It works fine until "disconnect" is clicked. The Win 98 freezes and my Micron Laptop has to be restarted. It happends every time.
I have removed and installed modem software provided on the floppy 3 times and no change in the system behaviour.
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satwaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you close down your browser in Windows 95 there is some hard disk
activity while your cache is being emptied, and other information is being written
back to the hard disk. I have had this same problem and cured it by waiting
until the hard disk light has gone out, and all hard disk activity has stopped
and then I click disconnect.  NO MORE freeze-ups.
This sounds like an "IRQ-conflict".
The modem steals an IRQ (from some other device), and uses it.
When the modem "disconnects", it stops using that IRQ,
but does not "un-steal" the IRQ.
The device which previously used that IRQ
now cannot use that IRQ, because the modem still "owns"
that IRQ, although it's "collecting dust".

Check all the IRQs for all your devices:
(1) immediately after booting,
(2) before using the modem,
(3) while using the modem.

IMHO, Otta, IRQ conflict should manifest DURING the transmission of data, not when it hangs up.

Try a new set of drivers from here...
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I would have to agree with Kschang, try new drivers first and let us know how you make out.
> IMHO, IRQ conflict should manifest DURING the
> transmission of data, not when it hangs up.

IMHO, it should occur either as soon as the modem
is first used, or it should occur when the modem
"hangs-up", and is no longer being used.

Anyway, back to you VSARIC -- check for IRQ conflicts.
vsaricAuthor Commented:
I did not find any conflicts with IRQ settings.
vsaricAuthor Commented:
I will try your method but it never happend with the other modem. More over, I have just connected online and disconnected without any freez through another PCMCIA modem, borroved from a friend. It's a Psion V34 gold card.
Obviously there is something with the modem's software.
I will try to upgrade from Simple Technology Web Site.
Was your other modem slower than this one. This problem never occurs with
28K or 33.6K modems, only with the newer 56K V.90 modems and then not
on all computers. I can take my 56K modem out and install my old 33.6K and
disconnect when I please, but if I put in a 56K(an I have tried 4 different ones)
the diconnect problem occurs. Everytime I wait until all hard disk and other
activity has ceased, then I can disconnect with NO problem.

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