Complex Projects with a META-Makefile

I have a C++ project that is made up of many other projects that have certain dependencies. Now I want to build this project with nmake ( release and debug ) but I dont know how to write such a script for it. I think of using recursive calls to nmake for each project's makefile and setting the dependencies via targets and dependents in the "meta-makefile". How can this be done??
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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Simply use a makefile similar to this one:

DIRS = \
    dll\~   \
    generic\~   \
    simple\~   \
    winhelp\~   \


# This is a Platform SDK non-leaf-node makefile.  It is used to allow NMAKE,
#  or a similar tool, to recursively build all of the samples in a directory
#  tree.  To add or remove a directory from the build process, modify the
#  DIRS list above.  
# The SDKPROJ macro (above) is defined solely for the purpose of echoing
#  the current directory location to the screen.  
# Do not modify this makefile except for the DIRS and SDKPROJ macros above.

# Include sdkpropbld.mak in order to get standard build options, environment
#  variables, and macros.  The sdkpropbld.mak file is installed with the SDK
#  in the include directory.

!include <sdkpropbld.mak>

# In order to build "all," process each of the entries in the DIRS list.

all: $(DIRS)

# In order to build each of the entries in the DIRS list, change dir into the
#  directory in question, echo the current location, run nmake recursively,
#  and change dir back to the original directory level.  This four step process
#  is encapsulated in sdkbld.mak which is installed with the SDK in the include
#  directory.

!include <sdkbld.mak>

(this is taken from an MS example, but it can easily be adapted to suite your needs)

Feel free to ask if you nee more information!
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