Mac: spanning file across multiple disks

I'm not a "Mac rat" so when a friend of mine asked me how she would download a 5.9 meg HQX file to a disk, I didn't have any options to offer her.  If it was a PC, I'd use PKZIP to span it, but I don't know what the equivalent utility would be for MacOS.
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lzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The most popular archive programs on the mac are "StuffIt" and "Compact Pro"; both have a "Segment..." option. Compact Pro (V1.51) is several years old, but still works perfectly and is small (220k, shareware). If you often use both Mac and Windows, I'd also recommend "ZipIt", which looks like a modernized version of "Compact Pro", but
creates and opens standard ZIP-files (it is, in my opinion, far better and simpler
to use than the widespread WinZip on Windows). It also has a "Segment..." option.
mrcmillerAuthor Commented:
StuffIt Deluxe would do it, but there's no demo version available.  Compact Pro works like a charm and even offered to create a self-extracting file.  Thank you!
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