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Linux & WinGate

I'm using WinGate 2.1d on the computer with the dial-up connection (it is not my computer so that is why I can't put linux on it as well) I want to be able to access the internet using the standard linux tools (eg. ping, telnet, etc.)

Now, I do have Netscape working using the WinGate proxies. I want to be able to set up linux (on my computer) to make it seem like it has a permanent connection to the internet, so I can use programs that do not have proxy settings, eg ICQ.

Now I know of two ways to get this done, but I don't know how to go about it:

1.    Set up linux and the Windows PC (Win95B OSR2) so the windows PC is acting as a gateway, and I set the gateway options on the linux machine. I have tried this but I can't ping anything outside of the local network - I can ping the IP address of the PPP connection, but nothing on the internet. This would be my perferred option.

2.     Set up on the linux machine a socks client and then connect the socks client to the WinGate socks proxy. I have tried using a socks package (NEC socsk5) but it doesn't even seem to work at all. I'm not sure if I have set it up properly? HELP?

Here is my network configuration:

Internal network     192.168.0.*
Internal subnet
ISP DNS Server
WinGate IP 
My IP      

anything else you need just ask me

NOTE: I know all works well with WinGate as when I run Windows it works well.
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everything you should have to do is to set the "default gateway" on your linux host. set it's default gateway to be the wingate ip (ie. on the linux-side nothing more should be necessary to be done.
...except setting the nameserver as :)
Wingate is a proxy server.

That is why you can connect to the internet by configuring your __linux__ netscape to connect through the Windows PC, which is just a proxy (wingate) machine.

If you have a windows client, you can use their "Winsock Redirector Protocol" (WRP) to make internet access transparent, i.e. non-proxy software like ftp,telnet would work transparently on a ___windows___ client.


On wingate's website, linux client support is non-existent:


Therefore, with a linux client you cannot do the same (transparent access) unless they make available a linux version of their WRP software. Consequently, you first solution will not work.

Consider the alternative - winroute ($49 for the WinRoute Home 3.0), which does the Native Address Translation for you on the Windows PC (which is the gateway to the internet), and you don't have to mess with the linux SOCKS client (Moreover, I am not sure if that will work at all, without the WRP linux client).


or easier to remember:


I have used winroute before and it works transparently; you can ping/telnet/ftp (do everything transparently) from the linux client via the winroute equipped Windows PC dial-up gateway.

Currently I use a linux machine with the freely available ipfwadm as a NAT/router.
cvidlerAuthor Commented:
Guiyu Yes, I know about the wingate WRP feature (only in version 3, I'm still using version 2.1d), But I was looking for something like what you say winroute does - I'm looking up on it now, and will get back to you.
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