ipfwadm deny all but ONE IP site

At the moment I have denied access to port 8080 to stop people using proxy servers other than our own.  However we have just setup a new server for a few people to use, but it is on the other side of the firewall.

What ipfwadm command would I use to deny access to all 8080 ports except on that ONE ip address?
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arikbConnect With a Mentor Commented:

ipfwadm -F -i accept -b -S -D ip.of.pro.xy/32 8080 -P tcp

This command allows bidirectional packets from any host to your proxy server on the specific port.

Use this command, and it will insert the rule _BEFORE_ any other rule you might have, thus allowing access to that IP even if other rules concerning this IP exist after it (that's what the -i does).

I don't know that much about ipfwadm, but use a front-end to ipfwadm. It is called dotfile generator, a GUI front end to a variety of command line commands, including ipfwadm.
Give it a try if you have time:


Q010797Author Commented:
thank you muchly . .works fine
At your service.
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