Using Rotate Canvas in an Action

I am trying to record an action that will allow me to batch process photos from my digital camera so that I can upload them to Photopoint in a much smaller size than they come off the camera.  

Here is what I have done in the Action:
Open Photo
Reduce Size:800x600:Resolution:72PPI
Save a Copy

However, what I WANT to do is create a point in the action prior to Save a Copy that allows rotation of the canvas.  So far when I have tried to add that step it has not worked.  I have tried everything I can think of, and I must admit I am a total novice at actions, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the action to ask if I want to rotate and by what amount and direction.  I have been able to get it to rotate in a specific direction and a specific amount, but each pic is different, and sometimes they need to go left 90 or right 90 or go 180 degrees.  When I use insert menu item, I choose Rotate, but when I run the action it says "Command Select is not available at this time"

Can someone give me the solution?
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What you need to do is insert a modal control in the action.

1. Make sure the Actions palette is in List View (Button Mode turned off).

2. Insert a Rotate Canvas command where you want the dialog to appear (you can just set it to Arbitrary with a degree of 0, but it doesn't really matter. Whatever you enter will appear as the default degree every time).

3. Now your action should look like this:
      Open Photo
      Reduce Size:800x600:Resolution:72PPI
      Rotate Canvas
      Save a Copy

In the Actions palette, click the box to the left of the Rotate Canvas command. An icon will appear in the box (it's supposed to be a dialog box). Any command with an icon in this box means the dialog box for that particular command will appear at that point in the action.

That's it. Now when you run the action, the dialog box for Rotate Canvas will appear and await your input. When you close the dialog box, the action will continue to play.

Have fun!
Halo, oiioiio.. This would help you, I did it just now and see what igot. That picture's become smaller.
First you must do is:
1. Open picture.
2. Click Image/ Image Size.
      Make your own size.
3. File/Save a Copy
4. ANy quesiton just click Ok.

That's it.

Wish you do.
Thank You
kencamAuthor Commented:
Sorry Danny, but I don't think you understood the question.  I am not at all confused about HOW to use the image size command.  I am trying to find a way to make it work WITHIN an action that can be used as an automated batch handler.  So far, I cannot get the RotateCanvas command to work within an action.  

Thanks for your try, though.
kencamAuthor Commented:
Yes, this is indeed the answer.  I figured it out on my own this morning after many hours of frustration.

I wish that Photoshop offered better information on how actions should be edited and made to work.

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