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I have a strange problem.  When I boot/reboot my machine I am having some strange delays.  Specifically, there is a 45 second to about a minute delay after the bios has detected my 4 IDE devices.  All devices are detected correctly.  And once I am past this things seem to be working correctly (although a little slower than I would expect).  I have a AMD K6-2 360 running on a Viking 3 motherboard (made by EFA corp).  Any help would be appreciated.
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chewymonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depends on how it is configured.  If it is set to check the boot sector, it does it first.  Also if it is configured to check on load, it eill check your entire hard drive before it will allow you to access it.  I have mine set for internet filter only.  I just have to remeber to check anything new I add before I open or run it.
What do you have loading at start up?  Some antivirus congiurations take a long time depending on what it is set to check on boot.
Go into CMOS setup and make sure that all 4 of your IDE devices are set to
AUTO in standard CMOS setup.  I once had this problem because someone as
a joke set my Primary Master, primary slave, secondary Master, and
secondary slave to: NONE.

The computer would still boot, but it would take forever to recognize the
IDE devices.
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Some cd r/w drives seem to  cause this when there is a disk in the drive, got no idea why.
The reason that some cd r/w drives cause this problem is that on some computers
(not all), I have found that if you leave a disk in the cd r/w drive and it is an IDE
cd r/w, some computers try to read it as a hard disk, but cannot identify the
correct heads, cylinders, sectors, etc.  You can tell if your computer is one of these by going into cmos setup and set all 4 devices to AUTO, press esc, and
then select IDE Hard  Auto Detect.  When auto detect comes to the cd r/w
drive with the disk inside, it will struggle for a long time, and then finally give
the notation of: 2(Y)  0  0  0 0 normal or something to this effect, means that it has been unable to detect any hds, cyls, sectors.  If your Cmos setup was already
set to AUTO and this was happening, then you should give the points to
RoadWarrior as he has provided you with the answer.

I had an idea that it is probably bios struggling to identify them as  hard disks since they are writable devices. I had never tried autodetecting one in setup to confirm those suspicions.
- Is this delay independant of the operating system ?  So you have the same delay when booting from a DOS floppy ?

- look at the boot order in bios setup.  it should say something like A, C, SCSI.  Do you have a scsi card in the system ?  If so, disable the BIOS if you do not want to start from a scsi disk.

- do you have a network card in the box ?  Maybe it contains a bootrom, trying to start the system from the network.

Yes, this delay is always independant of the operating system, because you
get it before you ever get to the operating system, as the operating system is
usually located on a floppy disk, or on the hard drive.
nasa95Author Commented:
Well chewymon, if you post your answer as an answer, I will award it to you.  It seems that having the virus check on caused the delay (I had thought the virus check happened BEFORE the IDE devices were detected, but that doesn't seem to be the case).

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