New computer - Need advise:

I'm thinking of buying a new computer
and I need some advise.

I need a high performance PC with NT Workstation.
I will primarily be running heavy MS Access Queries.

I'm not that updated on the current Intel CPU's.
Pentium II, Pentium III, Xeon and dual CPU's.

Which CPU is best for me?
Is the Xeon worth the price?
Does two CPU's give me a 100% more CPU resources.

I thought of a 256 MB of RAM and a fast harddrive.
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Tommy HuiConnect With a Mentor EngineerCommented:
Dual CPUs are only useful if you are using NT. If you want to use Windows 9x, the second CPU is useless. Since you are planning to use NT, NT's scheduler will be able to use the second CPU efficiently. However, it is still up to the application to spawn threads to do CPU intensive things. Unfortunately, Access isn't one of them. The Jet database engine does not execute queries in parallel. So if all you are doing is Access, the second CPU may not be that much of a gain.

But if you run more than one program at a time, then you will find that having two CPUs is better than having one. The response time is quicker and it feels like NT is running more smoothly. But two CPUs does not always mean twice the speed of one CPU. NT still has to spend time switching contexts for the CPUs.

The Pentium III is a very good chip for its price. You can get a dual Pentium III system for fairly cheap. I would recommend this setup over anything else for price/performance/value reasons. I would also recommend you get at least 128MB of RAM. If performance is a must, go with SCSI and a fast video card.

olaAuthor Commented:
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