Can I use Qbasic as CGI ?

   Can i use Qbasic as CGI and if so then is there any
library for cgi qbasic ?
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tinsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure, if your webserver is set up to handle Qbasic as a CGI language, there should be no problem. Didn't find any spesific CGI recources for Qbasic right now, but you can take a look at and see what you find.


Look at my WebBasic Interpreter at .It allows you to write CGI programs in a QBasic like language. Features include: database access via ODBC (Windows version), Graphics command support (LINE, CIRCLE, DRAW, etc) creates GIF files, File Upload. It's very easy to use and free downloads of beta versions are available for Linux, SCO Unix, and Windows 95/98/NT.
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