Win 98 doesn't always shutdown

I am running Windows 98 with a Aopen AX6BC Motherboard,400Mhz Celeron Processor, Viper v550 16m display card, SB live card, 64M SDram, SCSI card for Acer scanner.
My problem is that about 30% of the time when I shut down it Hangs, and doesn't continue to shutdown. All my applications I have been running at the time have been closed, but I have Norton AntiVirus V4, Aopen System Health Monitor running always in the taskbar.
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courtnecConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's what I did.

Start -> Run -> "msconfig" -> Advanced -> "Disable Fast Shutdown"

Upgraded Norton Antivirus to the latest version. (It's already known for causing this exact problem.)

Upgraded Norton Utilities to the latest version. (Same reason.)

Ran Windows Update.

From that point forward, I didn't have any problem shutting down Windows.


Are you running win98 SE?
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