jumpers for two acer m5105 a2 multi-io cards

both cards have the same chip, but different layout,
one has 7, the other 10 jumpers.

what is the specification of the jumpers?
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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
According to:

you should contact:

Acer Laboratories, Inc. U.S.A.
1830-B Bering Drive
San Jose, CA 95112 USA
Tel: (408) 467 - 7456
Fax: (408) 467 - 7474

for details about the 'M5105'.
Have you looked at ACER's web-site (WWW.ACER.COM) ?
bunkAuthor Commented:
yes, without hits
bunkAuthor Commented:
will send them a fax, if they answer, you get the points ok?
bunkAuthor Commented:
they didn't answer. thanks for your time.
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