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What effect would it have on a network computer system, from a technical and business standpoint, to set up a generic logon to a vendor's website that would allow many people to check the website?  The vendor's information is not confidential, in that there is no concern about information being given that would be of concern outside of our company.  My biggest concern is if this would have any negative effect to the computer network.  The purpose of the generic logon is to avoid so many separate logons' and I.D. numbers.
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slokConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It really depends on what this system or website is for.

If it is a demo site, ie incomplete and for the client to review
then it makes sense (both technical and business) to just provide
one or two login for them to review and feedback.
Ultimately, this demo site will be 'live' and then u will give them
proper access for either the dept., the client, or the individual to login
to FTP, update etc.

I don't see how network is affected per se.
I would assume that pple login into the website are external to
your company adn u have in place firewalls, and other security

If your network can't handle too many pple login in or accessing
the site, then it is a network or bandwidth problem and got nothing to
do with the single login rule.
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