Which C++ Builder to buy?


I have planned to buy C++ Builder to develop professional aplications, they will use hardware and data bases, for example... by reading the web page http://www.sdmagazine.com/breakrm/products/reviews/s998r2.shtml, I knew about differences between standard, professional and enterprise versions, either features and price.

I have to decide between professional and enterprise version... amazingly, the difference in price is US$1700, enterprise version more expensive. My question is,
with professional version, will I be able to program applications using databases, such as MDB or DBF? what does it mean enterprise version to have a "multi-tier" databases development tool? (I don't know what that term refers to)

I hope somebody can answer me to this question..
thanks in advance

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Laminamia063099Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I am a developer with Borland's products.  I bought the professional version of Borland Builder 4.  I'm not programming databases, but the professional version comes with Borland's ODBC tools, which should be plenty for any database application that you're programming.  The professional is a pretty robust version of the Borland Builder.  Many of the enterprise edition's quirks have to do with compatibility and built in support for CORBA, MTS, MIDAS, and Oracle applications.  The database package that comes with the professional version will suit your needs.

Judge by the Q you posted, I have to say just buy professional
edition is enough.  I remember Borland products does support ODBC,
but do not know what MDB or DBF means.
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