listening to 24 hours of audio files

I want to listen to as much as 24 hours of audio files from my hard hard disk, continually without touching any button during the play.
Here is what I am going to do
1. I'll record live audio files through RealplayG2 onto my cassette tapes.
2. I want to record the audio files in the tapes onto my hard disk.
3.I want to play the audio files from my hard disk afterwards.

I will buy a 20G hard disk for 24 hours of audio files.
Is it possible for me to listen to those hours of audio files from my computer without touching a button while playng? Can I even record audio from cassette tapes into the hard disk?

Can anyone help me with this? Any other alternatives?
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supervisrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
good news wd :)
go to this site to dl ponger pro ( which made you always connected by automatically ping the ISP)

if it's still disc, go to device manager, choose modem, then choose "connection" and then click "advance"
in the extra setting field, add this command


good luck wd :)
windowsdoorsAuthor Commented:

If I can listen to live audio files from abroad continually without being disconnected, I don't need the answer to the question. But since after several hours of live audio from a radio station, realaudio or netshow is disconnected. I now have 56k modem.
Can the connection be all right and can I listen to live audio for more than 24 hours straight, "if I upgrade to "ISDN?"--my area is not served by any cable modem company yet.
try music match jukebox
it's possible to listen for 24 hours if you copied all files to your HD which is REALLY big, and then select all the file to be played continously in your pc.
You can copied your audio cassete radio by plugin your hi-fi output into soundcard Line-In and then run music match
to record all the song
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windowsdoorsAuthor Commented:
Your answer looks perfect. I'll try.
But I want to reject your answer for now. I'll give you the points later anyway but I want the answer to the  remaining guestions.

But as I commented, I want to know if I can get a good connection (not being disconnected) with ISDN: I want to listen music for 24 hours continuously.
Can ISDN solve the problem (disconnection)? What causes to disconnect most?
Any other alternative?
WD, it's depends on your ISP (internet service provider)
some ISP require user to ping to them by certain interval of time. It's ok if you are using ISDN or Dial-up. the only difference is ISDN is a dedicated line and has a lot of speed.
i'm sure that there is a program that can make a ping to ISP at certain interval of time. but i forgot already what is the URL. i'll post here as soon as i found it out
windowsdoorsAuthor Commented:
thanks, I'll look for it and also wait for the url you will find out.
windowsdoorsAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Supervisr.
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