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another scheme question

A number x is called a fixed point of a function f if x satisfies the equation f(x)=x. For some functions f (the cosine function is an example) we can locate a fixed point by beginning with an initial guess applying f repeatedly,
f(x), f(f(x)), f(f(f(x))), …
until the value does not change very much. Using this idea, design a procedure fixed-point that takes as input a function and an initial guess and produces an approximation to a fixed point of the function. Test your procedure by evaluating the expression (fixed-point cos 1) to produce a fixed point of the cosine function.
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here goes:

(define (fixed-point f guess)
            (define epsilon 0.001)
            (define (close-enough? x y) (< (abs (- x y)) epsilon))
            (if (close-enough? (f guess) guess)
                 (fixed-point f (f guess))

homework ?????
who cares :-)
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