X windows configuration

Since my old computer have less storage,
I even do not have install the Xwindows config.
Now I cannot open xwindows even through I type 'xstart'.
How do I overcome it?

And then I only have a 100Mbyte space, what basic components should I install( I want X windows installed)?

thank you
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JadeFang68Connect With a Mentor Commented:

According to the RedHat web site:

4.3 Disk space required

     Floppy Drive 3.5 inch high density ``A:'' drive (/dev/fd0).
     Hard Disk Space At least 32 MB for swap partition. 135 MB for basic installation (meaning you have to unselect all "extra" items during the install). About 600
     MB for a typical install and over 1.2 GB for everything.

I have also been checking some books on Linux that I have, and they agree that the "bare bones" minimal installation with X requires 100 to 150 MB.

My suggestion is to eliminate services you are not planning on using, like news, samba, nfs, etc. Also, if you are not planning on doing any development, or planning to download and customize software from the Internet, eliminate everything that pertains to development libraries and compilers. I would leave the RPM tools in place, so you can always have the choice to install pre-compiled binaries (I am assuming Red Hat Linux here, I may be jumping ahead)

Netscape is available for Linux, but I think Wordstar is not. Some distributions have a small office suite included which works quite well. My KDE window manager comes with Maxwell, a very adequate word processor.

Let me know if this helps.
it is startx not xstart
100mb is not much for xwindows.
You will very soon run out of space.
you might be able to mount another disk as
/usr/X11R6 may be much cheaper in the long run if you value
your time

chmAuthor Commented:
that means I should buy another hard disk?
So how many Mbytes should I add for installing xwindows?
thank you
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Go for atleast 4 GB and keep 1 GB only for LINUX
chm: depends on what you want to do with linux.
what do you want to do?

chmAuthor Commented:
using basic xwindows, word star and netscape
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