CD-ROM doesn't read CD-R

I have a ACER CD-910E/JAS, and it won't read CD-R CDs.
Is there any solution? (maybe in the win95 setup)
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mrhanyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This CD-Rom will not read CD-R's created on a CD-Writer.
with reference to mrhany's answer, i'm not sure why this cd-rom will not read CDR's. and being a new expert, it might help if you give some explanations, and also submit a comment until you are asked to submit an answet to give points :)

now back to the question, or solution. maybe using a different type of CDR media might solve your case. ie. instead of a gold disc, try green based, blue based, or any other media you can get your hands on.

old readers do have problems with reading CDR due to reflectivity being slightly lower than normal. however, write the CD at 1x and try different media like i said and you might be able to sovle the problem.


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