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Hi, let's say I have the following structure:


Basically, there is one directory on the hard drive that has multiple subdirectories.  I would like to read in all those subdirectories and put them into an array as strings.

Does anybody have code to accomplish this?

Thank you very much,

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VbmasterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's the code for it..

Function ListDirs(ByVal Path As String, ByRef Dirs() As String, Recursive As Boolean, Optional Dircount As Double = 0) as Boolean

  Dim Dirname   As String
  Dim Dirstart  As Long
  Dim a         As Long
  On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
  Dirstart = Dircount + 1
  If (Dircount = 0) Then
    ReDim Dirs(0)
    Path = IIf(Right$(Path, 1) = "\", Path, Path + "\")
  End If
  Dirname = Dir$(Path + "*.*", vbDirectory)
  Do While (Dirname <> "")
    If (Dirname <> ".") And (Dirname <> "..") Then
      If ((GetAttr(Path & Dirname) And vbDirectory) = vbDirectory) Then
        Dircount = Dircount + 1
        ReDim Preserve Dirs(Dircount)
        Dirs(Dircount) = Path + Dirname + "\"
      End If
    End If
    Dirname = Dir
  If Recursive Then
    For a = Dirstart To Dircount
      If Not ListDirs(Dirs(a), Dirs, Recursive, Dircount) Then
        ListDirs = False
        Exit Function
      End If
  End If
  ListDirs = True
  Exit Function
  'Any error message(s) can be placed here
  ListDirs = False
End Function

This function will return True if everything went okay, and False if YOU did something wrong. What you enter the function is

rValue = ListDirs(--Path to search--, --the string array (dynamic!)--, --do you want to recursively search this path?--)

The third parameter is only used in recursive calling so you don't do anything with it.

Use FindFirstFile, FindNextFile in recursive function
mikemonnexAuthor Commented:
I would need some code or pseudo code.  THis is an API function, right?  If so, how do I implement it?

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