Print the content of the text file


How to print line by line of text file content?

Here is my example. I have one text file called myprofile with 3 line as follow:

line 1 : myname
line 2 : myage
line 3 : mydob

I want the program to read this myprofile.txt and assign line by line to a variable until end of file. Then print out this text file content.

Help please.

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setiawanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sub CopyToPrinter()
  Open "textfile.txt" For Binary As 1
  Open "LPT1:" For Binary As 2
  Do Until EOF(1)
    Get #1, , a
    Put #2, , a
  Close 2
  Close 1
End Sub

Dim sFileName As String
Dim sData As String
Dim iFileNum As Integer

iFileNum = FreeFile
sFileName = "C:\gwdbg32.txt"
Open sFileName For Input As iFileNum
Do Until EOF(iFileNum)
    Line Input #iFileNum, sData
    Printer.Print sData
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