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  I recently upgraded many Win95 machines to Win98 and also   installed over 20 computers with Win98 installed. I am   running a network (Novell) using Exchange 5.5 (NT4.0) as my mail server. On all the Win95 machines, we used the Inbox or Outlook for our users to send/receive mail. I had the users Mailbox setup on their network drive which allowed them to login into whatever computer on campus and get their messages.

When i upgraded, Outlook Express was also installed. When i opened Express, all the messages contained in my 'Inbox' were downloaded. When i logged into another computer and opened the Inbox (or Outlook), the inbox was completely empty!

Is there a way to configure Express to act the exact same way Inbox did or can i remove Express and continue using Inbox?

I have 430 users sharing 30 computers!

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RincewindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When upgrading, use a custom install and do not install outlook express...
If it does appear by accident, don't start it, but delete the shortcut from the desktop, or use control panel / (un)install software to remove it.
Your inbox (exchange/outlook) should keep working that way.


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