Need help with graphics in a table

This is actually 2 questions in one, but the first one is the one I am having the most trouble with.

1.  If you go to
you will see that at the bottom of the page, there is a table that has 4 graphics in it:  roster, history, clan relations, etc...

I have tried everything, and I cannot get those graphics to go together.  (i.e. eliminate the space between the graphics)  I have done it before, with the other navigation bar on the page (The one to the left that has main deck, netf command, etc...), but for some reason this one won't do it.  Can somone help me?

2.  I am having trouble with the javascript on those graphics as well.  They don't load the 2nd image very quickly, as you may have noticed.  Is there a way that I can get them to load more quickly, or is it just that my server is too slow?

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MasseyMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) In your HTML file, keep everything within the table on ONE line... It is messy, but essential...

YOu will see on your nav bar, everything is on their own line.  That is how it should be.

2) Those aren't the smallest graphic in the world.  25k per file is not a very good size for a roll-over... Consider another "Rollover method" to use...

1. My closest guess is that the problem is in the tables. Even if you have borders, cellspacing, and cellpadding to 0, tables just have to have a tiny bit of room between them. You could get them together if you didn't use a table, and still get the same effect. I doubt the problem is with your graphics.

2. You have a very slow server. And your second images are defunct. Check to make sure you linked them to the right place. After my mouse has been sitting over an image for a minute, then it rolls over. It's nothing but a slooow server.

- Bandle
Try the following: added margin comment and deleted some spaces you had following the images, works without border in ie45 and ns4.6 on my machine.

    <TD><A HREF="/~topace/netf/roster.html"
     onMouseOver="if (document.images) document.roster.src='/~topace/graphics/roster2.gif'"
     onMouseOut="if (document.images) document.roster.src='/~topace/graphics/roster.gif'"><img
     name="roster" src="/roster.gif" BORDER=0 width="315" height="50"></A></td>
    <td><A HREF="/~topace/netf/history.html"
     onMouseOver="if (document.images) document.history.src='/~topace/graphics/history2.gif'"
     onMouseOut="if (document.images) document.history.src='/~topace/graphics/history.gif'"><img
     name="history" src="/history.gif" BORDER=0 width="319" height="80"></A></td>
    <td><A HREF="/~topace/netf/relat.html"
     onMouseOver="if (document.images) document.relat.src='/~topace/graphics/relat2.gif'"
     onMouseOut="if (document.images) document.relat.src='/~topace/graphics/relat.gif'"><img
     name="relat" src="/relat.gif" BORDER=0 width="320" height="90"></A></td>
    <td> <A HREF="/~topace/netf/events.html"
     onMouseOver="if (document.images)'/~topace/graphics/events2.gif'"
     onMouseOut="if (document.images)'/~topace/graphics/events.gif'"><img
     name="events" src="/events.gif" BORDER=0 width="319" height="100"></A></td>

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TopaceAuthor Commented:
1) I will try a few things, and then see who comes the closest as far as this question goes, but for #2:

2) I don't know what you mean, by another rollover method.  Please explain.

1) Use text rather than using images...
2) Split those images into even smaller "sections"

Do something, but I wouldnot wait to DL 25k jut to see a rollover.

TopaceAuthor Commented:
Oh well....the rollover part of the image is no biggie.  I can fix that whenever I have time.  Thanks for helping me with the table code.  

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