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How to expand NT4 C: drive partition size?

I have a laptop which is running NT 4 with SP4. The laptop has a 6GB hard disk and was partitioned into three 2GB NTFS partitions, i.e. C (Primary),D (Logic),E (Primary).
Recently I found that I am running out of disk space on C: drive (almost 0 byte free space left), but there are still plenty of disk space on the E: drive. Are there any methods that I can append E: partition into the C: (So, I will have a 4GB C: and a 2GB D:) without reinstalling NT and all other softwares?

By the way, if I use NT backup to backup all the files on the C: drive and then kill everything on C: by recreating a bigger C: partition, is it possible to restore the backup so that the C: looks exactly the same as before (except more disk space)?
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Partion Magic should be your man.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Yep, partition Magic is what you can use.  You can also look on your drive to see if there are any temp files or dump files.  (*.dmp, *.tmp)
You can use the NT Backup approach if you don't want to buy PM.

Backup the drive (be sure to select the backup registry option).  You may be safest installing a minimal version of NTW to a new directory, booting to this install, then performing the backup.

Resize your C: partition.

Install a minimal version of NT.

Restore your backup. (including registry)

I have done this a couple of times without any problems.

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Download Gost shareware.
With ghost you can transfer an image of your C: to an image file on another computer. Then you can modify your computer disks with FDISK and then use Ghost to restore your C: on the bigger partition.
Ghost evaluates in 30 days how ever but it will only take like an hour for the prosses.

What do you want to do with the present D: and E: partitions ?
If you need to keep the data (on someother partition) the you can not use onehouse's answer ?
You will need to use Partition Magic and gradually expand the C: drive and copy from the others as space becomes available/
Ghost is still a viable solution as it allows you to reset the size of any of the partitions when the image is reloaded.you will want to dump the image of the complete drive, not just the C: drive. then remove all the partitions, and let ghost do the repartitioning when the image is reloaded.
dong081698Author Commented:
Sorry, onehouse, your solution is not much better than doing a full backup and then restore it. If I make an 2GB image file to another computer, then how do I access the image file after I repartition the hard disk. I assume that I will have to reinstall the NT and make sure it can connect to the network and then restore the image file.

I think that the Partition Magic solution is more practical and simpler for me, because you can resize the NTFS partition without reinstalling anything.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.  
Well actually I have to disagree with you.
2mb transfered with ghost does a 500mb big image file on the destination computer.
When you want the Image file back to your computer after fixing the right sizes of your partipoins. You boot with a ghost disk. The disk is easy to set up and it works like this.
Disk boot to doos and runs your drivers for your network card.
Then its start the client software for ghost and connects to the computer where your image file is and downloads it.
It will pop up a window where is says that partitoin sizes have changed and you get to answer if you want to keep them like you changed them. The transfer should take less than 30min...


Note: Ofcourse there are some settings and user interference is needed when setting it up but it is all explained very good in the readme file.
You can always write me an email if you need help...

dong081698Author Commented:
Although I didn't try the Ghost program (because I have found a better solution), you are deserved for the points.
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