Client cannot reconnect to Novell 4.1 Server

A client relocated her computer this morning - the computer was shut down, moved to the floor and reconnected.  This PC was running Novell Client.  Now, a connection to the server cannot be re-established.  The NIC is properly connected (I was able to make an internet connection with netscape, going through our site router).  I have re-installed the client software, and still no luck.  The user can log onto the network from another machine.
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trathConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you go into Network Properties in control panel choose IPX-SPX Compatable Protocol, Click the Advanced tab, then Frame type and select the frame type you are using. Auto is the default selection if you are using 802.2 then select 802.2, this forces the frame type and should fix the problem.
The computer was only moved from the desktop to the floor, about 3 feet?  Is it still plugged into the same data jack?
If you browse the network neighborhood can you see any network resources?
It looks like IPX is dead no it now,  What is the NIC? what frame type are you using?
If Token-Ring and Thomas-Conrad remove DMA  an run in PIO mode.  You do that by
setting the DMA to 0 in properties and rebooting.
togstAuthor Commented:
It actually turned out to be an ISA NIC with intermittant connectivity.  I replaced the ISA card with a PCI NIC and that solved the problem.  BTW, this particular PC is a Packard Bell....  Thanks for your help though - I will use this info in the future if needed.
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