How do I set up a Mac to use IP masquerading?

I am not very familiar with Macs.  I have never set up a
Mac to live on an ethernet system of any sort.  And, I
have not yet et up my IP Masquerade system, but when I do
my system will look like:

Linux system set up as IP masquerade host with two ehternet
cards.  One to the cable modem.  One to the local network.

What will I have to do to tell a Mac (a G3 powerbook if
that matters) how to be an IP masquearding client?

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rbrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Mac don^t have to know, that masquerading is switched on on your Linux PC. Give your MAC in the control panels TCP/IP a valid IP of your LAN and set the router IP to the IP of your Linux network card. (subnet mask should be in general). This should be enough.
klopterAuthor Commented:
I won't be able to verify this for a while but it sounds
like it will work.


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