Resources dropping

I have a Pent.200 , 64 meg ram, 8 Gig HD, 4meg vid card and
running Win 95. Recently when I log on to net, my resources startdropping right away. I open my browers, log on and in no time I am down to 20% resources available. This problem just started recently. Any sugestions?
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Your problem has been answered already. You can access my login name and in my PAQ, you can find the answer there.
Windows 98 Memory Troubleshooter
Is a virtual device driver claiming a portion of RAM?
To determine whether a virtual device driver is being loaded from the System.ini file
Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type Msconfig.exe, and then click OK.
On the General tab, click to select Selective Startup.
Click to clear the Process System.ini file check box.
Click OK, and then click Yes when prompted to restart your computer.
Did your screen display the correct amount of memory after you restarted your computer?
If not, repeat the steps above, but on the General tab, click to select Normal Startup.

If disabling the System.ini file corrects the problem, the next step is to determine which file referred to in the System.ini file is causing the problem.

To determine which file is causing the problem

Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box type Msconfig.exe, and then click OK.
On the System.ini tab, double-click [386Enh] to open it.
Click to clear the check box next to the first line that does not contain a small Windows logo.
Click OK, and then click Yes to restart your computer.
If the problem recurs, repeat steps 1 through 3, and then click to select the check box that you just cleared.
Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the next line. Repeat this process until the problem recurs. The file that was cleared just before the recurrence is the problem file.
Temporarily disable the file by keeping its check box clear until you find a permanent solution.


To give you a proper answer I need to know a few things:

Have you r4cently installed any software at all, if so, what did you install?
What browsers are you using?
Are you using any Internet speed-up software programs, anti-hacker software or the like?



This might help solve your PC speed.

Click the Start button, then Settings, then Control Panel. In the Control Panel, click on the System Icon. Once in the System, select Performance tab. Click on the File System button. Change te machine role to Network Server. This will drastically enchances the use of upper memory especially in machines with more than 32MB of RAM.

Let me tell you that Windows 95/98 does not use Smartdrive to cache the hard drives in your system. Instead, it uses 32bitVCache that dynamically grows and shrinks as the need arises(not to be confused with Swapfile, which operates in a similar manner). If you have more than 32MB of physical memory, VCache maybe using more memory than it can effeciently manage. You can limit the maximum amount of physical memory VCache used by adding the following to the System.ini file:


The above values are in Kbytes. Feel free to experiment, but you must have a value greater than 0 for the MinFileCache value. By limiting the VCache in this manner, you will experience IMPROVED SYSTEM PERFORMANCE.

Dialing and getting to the net, use resources of course, and keeps using it until you end your connection.  Browser could get a portion of the resources because of the temporary files using it for temporary folders. You can turn this off but you will notice a changed of speed in surfing. You can also instruct browser not to get the newer version of the stored pages (internet page) everytime you open your browser and adjust the amount of disk usage for temporary folders.
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