know how to rtf concatencate?

i'm trying to concatenate 2 fields in the MS Access database. both is in rtb format. i want to concatenate Field1 and Field2 to display into a RichEdit Box in DataDynamics ActiveReports (3rd party lib).
Its not a simple concatenate, i know that much

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sbmcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this

Lets say you have 3 rtf boxes (r1,r2 and r3) and a command button on your form.

Put the following in command click event

Sub Command1_Click
  r3.textrtf="{" & r1.textrtf & text2.rtf & "}"
End Sub

Type some data in r1 and r2 and then click command1

Hope it helps
jayneeIT ManagerCommented:
> Its not a simple concatenate, i know that much
I'm intrigued - What happens if you try to concatenate?
Probably it just puts the text together in whatever font was handy. I'm assuming kaiser18au wants to retain the font settings.
jayneeIT ManagerCommented:
Hmm, yeah KDivad, see what you mean.  Try explicitly setting the RichEdBox's font properties before the concatenation, kaiser18au.  Check the other properties available in this control, as well (I'm not familiar with DataDynamics ActiveReports).  One of them might be playing havoc with your text.
kaiser18auAuthor Commented:
Thnaks guys for your input.
sbmc, thanks.
that was the method that i used to do a work around for the rich edit box.

Jaynee, for your information, the rich edit box offered by Data dynamics just didnt support string concatenation, thats why i had the problem.

thanks again
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