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AWE64 Creative Labs Sound Card

I have the above card and may upgrade to a SB Live card (not the Value edition) in the hopes of better sounds.

On my present card I play various MIDI files, most sound fair as you know. I have played them under my browser (Netscape) as well as independently outside of the browser.

People talk about a GS setting which I found on the Synth tab of the AWE64 Panel. I tried this setting and found little difference of the standard GM Midi mode.
Am I doing something wrong or using it for the wrong purpose?

Now some people also talk about how a MIDI file is optimized for the Roland XG setting or something like that and requires a load of a soundbank. WOnder if this would even make a difference in playing a MIDI file I find on the Internet.

Thanks for a reply.
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No, you don't do annything wrong. The GM- and GS-Midi Mode are different standards. A midifile contains the defintion of voices/ instruments and controller (like volume, velocity etc.) The GM-Mode is the Midi-Standard. The GS-Mode belongs to Roland. It has more voices and controller.
The sound of a Midi-File depends on the bank you loaded in your soundcard. The GS-File could sound better but it is possible, that not erverybody can listen to it (because the cheap soundcards support not every different standard and they have no RAM to load different banks)
The XG-Standard belongs to Yamaha and has specific controllers.
Personally I think that MIDI is a dull technology for anybody else that mucisicians... I bougt AWE64 a year ago,
and it should have a better more crisp MIDI sound but the
difference was not very different, and the special software needed to activate this new midi sound did only work on fast machines, so if your machine is slow the software might not be installed at all.

SB Lives primary new technology is the Environmental sound and 5 speaker outputs so the MIDI output wont be much
different from what you are used to !

The ideal MIDI sound is a HI-FI representation of the instrument sounds. But HI-FI quality takes up a lot of memory, so if the only thing you want is a perfect MIDI sound, it would be better to put 4 og 8Mb ram on your
AWE64 card !
The sound of a Midi-File depends on the quality of the bank you loaded in the ram of you soundcard. But don't forget, that Midi is a standard. So it always sounds poor. But all the people over the world can listen to it. It doesn't make a big difference if you hear a midi-file on a 50$ or a 500$ Soundcard.

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