Cgi write ASP page ?

Hello All !!

I know how to write an html page via the cgi
I want to do the same with asp page .
when i write Content-type: text/asp\r\n\r\n
i get the download window insted of geting the
asp page in my browser .
what am i doing wrong ?

Neta !!

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BillyAbbottConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is that a good enough answer?
asps are executed server side, and shouldn't be sent to the client. The web server browses the asp page, and executes the script in order to form the html.

by writing a text/asp at the front you are telling the browser that it is an asp page, which it can;t interpret, and so it tries to download it.

to write html via cgi you write to the standard out (i think) which the web server should then send unaltered onto the browser. to write html via cgi you need to write to the response object (in vbscript, or whatever the likewise object is in whatever other language you are doing asps in)

hava look at at their tutorials for some more info.
netaAuthor Commented:

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