SiS 530 problem

I have an AMD K6-2 350 on a PC CHIPS M598 motherboard with 64Mb RAM a Boca modem and a 3COM Eathernet card.
The problem is, that when ever I use more than 256 colors, apps start to crash giving me a GPF on dibeng.dll.
Ican rectify the problem by setting the hardware acceleration to "basic" but then I cann't play in my highly graphic flight simulator (Blue Star).

Any Ideas ?
Arnon David.

P.S. more points for an exelent answer.
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knowmeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Do you have DIRECT 6.x driver installed in your PC? Once you got this driver, it will help solved your problem.


I will refer you to this microsoft game site.
Do you have the latest drivers?  Go to the website and check.  This site is in Taiwan so you need the converter in your browser to read it, since they do not have an Engish option.
The onboard Video really sucks on these MB, the best thing you can do is go buy you a good Video card and disable the onboard one. I have that MB and I am bald now from pulling my hair out trying to get it to work right, I thought I just got a bad chip or something but several people that has this MB says they are or have had trouble.
arnondAuthor Commented:
OK, I've downloaded and installed the latest drivers from SiS (which included DirectX 6.1). Now I can work with any amount of colors I want BUT, when I use DOS based programs or open a DOS session in full screen, I can't see the bottom few lines. (I had this problem even before installing the drivers)
Could this be because I have an old monitor ?

knowme, the link you suggested is for MS's flight simulator not my simulator (which is from Janesm a place I'll check out right now.)

Arnon David.

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