How to set up Windows95 from scratch.

My wife's computer's HD recently went kaput and I went out and got her a new/used 1.2 Gig Samsung. I have a 3.5 startup disk with all of the dos stuff on it, but I don't know where to begin to reinstall her Windows95 operating system. The computer recognizes the new 1.2 Gig disk OK.

What do I do next to install the operating system, which is on a CD.

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r parkinsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The first thing you have to do is to get access to the CD drive.  So when you boot from the floppy startup disk you have can you access the CD?  If you can then it's realativly simple, just type setup from the root of the CD and answer the questions!  If you can't then it's much more difficult, you will require a driver for you CD in order to get access to it or make a floppy disk set on another PC.
r parkinson
Maybe you need to explain to him how to include the CD-Rom drivers on the boot disk so he can access it.
Or the easy way is to borrow a friends Win98 bootdisk  because it already has the CD drivers on it  (most include a generic driver that will work with most CD-Rom
If you have the CD-ROM version of Windows 95, you would need to have the drivers for your CD-ROM drive, and the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files with the correct settings for your CD-ROM drive. If you have a driver disk with your CD-ROM drive, you first install the drivers after formatting. If you don't have a driver disk, try to find someone with a similar drive and copy their drivers and Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files, using only the settings related to the CD-ROM drive.
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