how to select in the TlistView component from the list of items,some items by clicking with the mouse on the first item and then dragging it down to select the rest of the items.This operation is not available. Can I do something to enable this operation?
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Laminamia063099Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes.  Set up an event handler for the TListItem object that would be "OnMouseDrag" (or OnClickDrag, I forget exactly what it's called).  Builder will bring up the code editor when you double click on the event in the object inspector.  In this function you will want to find out on what list item the drag started and on what list item it ended.  Then, select all the items that are found within the mouse drag beginning and end.

This should do what you need.  If you need more help with specifics, just say so and I'll give them :)

tal_malaiAuthor Commented:
can you be more specific?,and there is no such thing as the events you mentioned.
What events are default in the object inspector of the TListView component?

(I don't have my Builder on this computer at the moment, but I'll get it on so that I can be more specific today)

tal_malaiAuthor Commented:
when you get the builder on the computer and you can give me a reliable answer then do so,otherwise thank you but you are not helping at all.
tal_malai, try set MultiSelect property to "true".
This must works!
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