treeview - selected items

how can I determine if there are any items selected in a treeview control ??

the equivalent of lstBOX.listindex=-1 (in a standard listbox)

I'm currently using an error trap...

dim pos%
on error resume next
set pos=lstPEOPLE.SelectedItem.index
if err<>0 then ....

I'm not too keen on error traps, except when absolutely necessary.

I also want to avoid this..

for each nod in lstPEOPLE.NODES
 if nod.selected=true then ....
next nod

I also want a quick and easy way of un-selecting all items in a treeview

Any ideas anyone ???????
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jgvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To check if an item is selected and assign the index to a variable ('x'):

Dim x

If Not (TreeView1.SelectedItem Is Nothing) Then
    x = TreeView1.SelectedItem.Index
End If

To unselect a selected item (only one item can be selected at any given time in a treeview):
Set TreeView1.SelectedItem = Nothing

smeggheadAuthor Commented:
I think I tried every combination of...

if isnull(expr)
if expr=nothing


but not that one, thanks.........

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