How to change the font in a view or folder?

Sometimes, I feel the font in views and folders are too large. If there are many columns, I have to use "->" key to scroll to right. Who knows how to change the fonts in a view or folder?

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ghassan99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
u have to edit the design of the view...on the folder pane u will find in the last entry 'Design' click on it and u will find list of views and in the same way u can find the list of folders...if the its the inbox u care about its found in the folders...($Inbox) on it, bypass the next message, and u will see the folder in design mode...double click on a column and the property box for the column appears...there is a tab with something like 'az' on on it and u can modify the font in anyway u like, there is also a tab for the column title, called 'title'. u must have sufficient rights to the database to be able to alter its design, in case of the mail file its not a problem since its your own.
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