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I'd gladly give all points for a solution to this.

I have a HP Pavilion 5330  running win98.
My computer has started locking up. i can get out of the lockup by ctrl alt del. But this only works some of the time. It seems to be getting worse. I upgraded to win98SE
but the lockups still continue. I even put the recovery disk in and started all over from scratch, cause I thought it was a software prob.........but after starting over twice, I am led to believe it is hardware....although I have no idea where to start???
any suggestions??
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Gryphon031198Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Crit,  Lockups are on the hardware side caused by one of (mainly) two things, especially if it is getting worse.

1) CPU Overheating

You should check whether your CPU's fan is correctly seated on the CPU and if it is actually working.  If it is, you might consider using cooling software like Waterfall to ensure that your CPU is running at a minimum temperature.  You can get this from http://cpu.simplenet.com/leading_wintech/.  You might even consider getting a different CPU cooling unit altogether along with running the cooling software.

2) Bad memory modules

You can test your machine for bad memory modules by temorarily replacing those in your machine with a different set and then swtching your PC on and using it.  If the PC runs fine for a few hours (or if you have the time a few days) without lockup, you need to replace your memory with new modules.

If however this memory test fails, you might have to look at replacing the actual CPU since (as it might have been overheating for quite some time without giving any trouble) it could have been fried to an extent that it is rendered unusable.

There are a few rare instances where other pieces of hardware mucks the machine around, but it is in those cases never a gradually worsening process, but rather an immediate effect, especially when using specific software.

I hope this helps.

CritAuthor Commented:
I'll give it a shot mate, and let you know, Thanks!

Welcome :)
CritAuthor Commented:
replaced my 64 meg ram with 128, and unfortunately it still locks up :( I have been leaving the cover off the cpu so to keep it cool, but still.........
any other suggestions?
could video card cause it to lock up, cause sometimes when it locks up, the whole screen shifts up (so the bottom of the screen is at the midpoint)?
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