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File Downloads

Is there anyway that a file can be downloaded onto someone computer without that download dialogue box popping up?

We are trying to install updated dat files for McAfee on our employees computers. However, they do not always run the updates when they are on one of the shared drives. What we are trying to do is install these updates from our intranet site which everyone logs on to everyday.

What we want is when someone logs on, we check to see if they have the most updated version of McAfee. If they don't, run the update. Suggestions would be helpful

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this shouldn't be a WWW-related question but instead a question relating to network administration.

where I used to work there was a bunch of scripts being run at startup, one updating the virus checker.  therefore, I'd believe the best way would be to try to automate it in the network login scripts.
TmessAuthor Commented:
That's interesting nettrom.....hmmmm, I will think about it. But for now, do you have any ideas on how to get rid of the dialogue box
If you define a file type, for example, .xxx to be opened by a program such as yyyy.exe then the browser will automatically open the file with the appropriate application.  So  that it wqorks with both NN and MSIE you should actually define the extension and a new mime type such as application/xxx.

We use this method to send out literally thousands of Real Estate updates each evening and it is very slick.

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