ANSI C Compiler needed when compiling Apache

I've been trying to recompile Apache so that I can have roaming access support for Netscape. Whenever I try to "./configure", it tells me at the end that I need an ANSI C Compiler like GCC. I have egcs installed (from RedHat 6.0), and doesn't egcs include gcc?
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AstromanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Type 'which gcc' to see where your gcc executable is (and post the result back). 'egcs' isn't quite the same as gcc. In Redhat5.?, egcs was installed for C++ compiling, but I've got a feeling that gcc was still used for C compilation.

Have a look in the package manager and see what you've got installed under C/C++ development. Look at the libraries and compilers and also have a look on the CDROM and see what else there could be to install.

Get back when you've got a bit more info
sxnAuthor Commented:
which gcc gave me:

In GnoRPM I found these relevant files under Development/Languages:
compat-egcs-c++ 5.2-1.0.3a.1
compat-egcs       5.2-1.0.3a.1
egcs-c++       1.1.2-12
egcs             1.1.2-12
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