Urgent Named again!


how to totally kill named and reload the named.conf (restart the name server)

how can we debug name server , what i mean is showing the error when we restarting name server ?

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Manfred BertlConnect With a Mentor ManagerCommented:
1. bash# /sbin/init.d/named restart

then the name-server is restarted.

2. errors will be reported in /var/log/messages

qazakaAuthor Commented:
i try restart the name server ,
then in the log messages said that reloading OK, but
this all doesn't make change to my dns server, which imean everyrhing is still the same with the previous one (before i ndc restart),

by the way, a guy told me that everytime after adding a newdomain name, type named.reload..
is that true? or..
Manfred BertlManagerCommented:
the command 'named.reload' will reload your database into the running named.
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