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Crystal Reports ActiveX Control

I am running VB6.0 and the latest Crystal Reports ActiveX control for VB5.0/6.0 on a Win98 machine.

I have an Access Database for the datasource and a table in the designer is made up of a query.  However, when the database changes and I have to "Verify" the database to make it work correctly, I have to move my database to the location that the designer points to.  How do I change the file that the designer points to?

So, my datasource is "bound" to: "C:\MyFolder\MyDatabase.mdb" but I want it "bound" to: "C:\MyOtherFolder\MyDatabase.mdb"

Any idea how?
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EgoreAuthor Commented:
Do I have to delete the datasource, create a new one datasource and then link all of the controls on the ActiveX control to the new datasource, or is there an easier way?
can'r you just alter the dsn?
No, this should be quite straightforward - I've even managed it myself.

Use the menu options  Database | Set Location.   Select the main (top) table and 'select location' - point to the access database and table you want. You may get asked to propagate all changes across the database. This will change the location of all tables to be the same (if you have more than one and they exist in the new database).
If you are using their ActiveX (where you actually have a small hidden icon on your form and you set the Action = 1), you can create a 'bound report' that will look at a data control on your form. Then, you can change the database, refresh, even query the database to return only the specific records you need -- All from VB code. Let me know if that sounds like what you want to do. I'll post more info.

PS -- If you are using this (old) control, check out the Seagate website. They have a new ActiveX Designer that actually integrates with the VB IDE. It builds reports directly into your project. It's a little harder to use, but it sure gives you a lot more control over the data. (And best of all, it's completely FREE to users of the old control -- at least it was two months ago when I grabbed it.)
EgoreAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  I just had to make a minor adjustment to what you said and it works like a charm!
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